Custom Carvings, Paintings, and Drawings

I am frequently commissioned to make stumpy legged carvings of various people - some famous and some not-so-famous.  To do this, I need (at minimum) good photos of the person's head from the front and side (it works best if the person has the same expression on his or her face for both of these photos).  I also need a good "full-body" shot of the person.  In general, the more photos I have to work with, the better the final carving will be.  An easy way to think of my requirements is to consider the mug shots that the police take of people after they arrest them.  If you have police mug shots of the person you want me to carve, you're in luck!  If the person is a law abiding citizen, then you'll need to start digging through your old photos.

Here is an example of a rather complicated custom carving of a couple that I made awhile back.  As you should be able to tell, he is a fly fisherman and she is a cook.

I also do custom paintings and drawings (in pencil or pen and ink).  To do these, I simply need a good photo of the subject.