John Hoesman, Artist


Welcome to my website!


On the following pages you can view samples of my artwork.  For years, I have carved wooden caricatures of people and animals, pins and refrigerator magnets, bottle stoppers, ornaments, and other items.  I also create paintings and drawings using various mediums.  


These days, I am concentrating my efforts on my most popular items and on my own "new" creations.  If you see something on these webpages that you like, feel free to contact me.  


I hope you find your visit to this website enjoyable.   

This week at "The Works," February 5 - 11, 2023

I will work on bottle stoppers (such as the one above), refrigerator magnets, chip carvings, and paintings and pen and ink drawings. I'll continue carving birds that frequent our backyard this winter.  In addition, I will work on various orders.