Celebrating 30 years in business 1991-2021

John Hoesman, the Carving Fool

The greats of 100 years ago - Jim Thorpe, Chic Harley, and Red Grange


Welcome to my website!  If you are searching for hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind gifts, a special piece of artwork for your home, or a colorful pin to wear with that new jacket, I may be able to help.


The galleries on the following web pages show samples of my woodcarvings, including caricatures of coaches and famous and not-so-famous people, pins and refrigerator magnets, and ornaments and other hand-carved items.  For those of you looking for something to hang on the wall, I also offer paintings and drawings, samples of which are shown in separate galleries on this site.


I try to make ordering as simple as possible for you and will do my best to meet your deadlines.  Thanks for visiting my website.  I hope you find your visit enjoyable. 


This week at "The Works," February 28 - March 6, 2021.

This will be another week spent planning and carving custom orders.  I will also start a new acrylic painting and continue working on an oil painting, pen and ink drawings, and charcoal drawings.  At left is a very recent carving of Neil Young.