Woodcarved Pins

I have been carving pins for the last five or six years, and they have been very popular.  Some people prefer refrigerator magnets and any pin can be made into a refrigerator magnet by substituting a magnet for the pin back.  Also, most of these pins can be made in a larger size with a hole in the back, so that they can be hung on a wall.

Maple leaf pins in stained poplar wood
Buckeye leaf pins in (upper row l - r) padauk, cherry, canarywood, and (lower row) stained poplar.
Various butterfly pins
Hippo pins
Elephant pins
Frog and lizard pins
Bear and seal pins
African animal pins
Farm animal pins (my favorite is the cow in the lower left corner)
"Seacreature" pins
Horse pins




Silly Stuff

Al lost 20 pounds on the "Beans and Cabbage Diet"

Al and his dog (above) took third place in the "Mixed Group" category at the 2009 Caricature Carvers of America (CCA) National Caricature Carving Competition.

Funny nurses
Boys with the BIG fish
Sleepy groundhog
Unicycle dogs
"Stuck" Santa